Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m aware that January is almost over! (BTW, how the heck did THAT happen!  Seems I blinked and nearly four weeks have passed!)  January has absolutely been a “hibernation” month for me.  The short, often sunless days and the long, dark nights have yielded early bedtimes and more sleeping than usual.  “Creative Sleep” instead of “beauty sleep”!  I’m well-rested, for sure.  And, I’ve been making good use of my awake time by designing and piecing (of course!!) some new blocks and doing some (long overdue, much-needed) studio reorganization.  🙂 Here’s one of my newly-designed quilts that I finished in December.  I Read More

Day 31: Now…

    Ah, time.  The thing we often believe we don’t have enough of (“I’m out of time!”  “Where has the time gone?”  “Time flies!”  “I don’t have time!”) or have too much of (“I have way too much time on my hands.”  “I’m just killing time.”  “All I have is time.”  “Time to spare.”), or don’t have the “right” bit of (“Not this time.”  “Another time.”  “I’d like to go back (forward) in time.”  “This is the wrong time.”)  Please, allow me to wax philosophical for a moment. Yes, a New Year is about to dawn, and many of us, myself included, are Read More

Day 20: Knitted Knockers. Yes, really!

(Image borrowed from the Craftsy website.)   Knitters and Crocheters (or wannabes), if you are in a giving spirit and are itching to make a difference, have I got a great idea to share with you!!!  Knitted Knockers!!!  Yes, really!!! If you have ever known someone who has undergone mastectomy, then you likely also know the challenge of breast prosthetics for women.  Most “traditional” prosthetics are made of silicone or other similar materials.  They are hot.  They are heavy.  Basically, though better than nothing (usually), they suck (often). Well, I have learned of an organization that offers a FABULOUS ALTERNATIVE  to traditional Read More

Day 18: Spectacular Antique Quilt Sunday

    I wish I could make this photo such that you could see more detail.  However, you can, at least, get the idea of this incredible quilt. This beauty comes to us from the collection of the National Museum of American Art.  I find this quilt absolutely stunning.  Constructed of silk, circa 1840-1860.  Maker unknown.  AWESOME!!! Enjoy!

Day 17: Let me help you with your holiday shopping….

  With limited holiday shopping days left and reports of icky weather over many parts of the US, (not to mention unbelievable crowds at the malls and other favorite shopping places) I’d love to help you with your holiday shopping!  Many of you know that I’m a Craftsy Instructor.  If you aren’t familiar with Craftsy, it is a fabulous online learning site for all kinds of DIY categories:  Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery, Knitting, Crocheting, Cooking, Baking, Cake Decorating, Woodworking, Jewelry making, Photography, and MORE!! Once you purchase a class, it’s yours forever, so you can go back and review all or portions of the Read More

Day 16: About that quilt…..

    Remember this sample that I showed on “Day 1”,  posting that sometime this month I’d be sharing some news?  Well, today’s the day! I’m very excited to share that I’ll be teaching from this sample on Sunday, January 27, 2017, from noon to 6 pm at Gotham Quilts in   New York City!  I can hardly wait!!! So, if you’re going to be in NYC in late January and you’d like to join the fun, or if you want more information, click here.  Hope to see you in the Big Apple!!!

Day 11: Computers need vacations, too, I suppose…

    I am no technology whiz.  Not even close.  Anyone who knows me even fairly well knows that I’m terrified of technology.  Generally speaking, I know enough to get by, and I regularly attempt to stretch my technophobic muscles in spite of the discomfort!  I’m trainable, and I’m not fast. So, I posted my blog Tuesday past while on the road.  Then, I allowed security updates from my security provider to my computer, as I’ve done many times.  From that point forward, I was no longer able to access the internet.  Period.  Nada.  Nothing.  Not Wednesday.  Not Thursday.  Not Friday.  Not Saturday.  Not Read More

Day 7: What happened to 6???

  Yes, I missed posting yesterday.  I had a pretty good reason.  Really.  I was getting ready for a road trip! Perhaps you’ve seen me post here on the blog, or on Facebook or Instagram, about how much I LOVE my BERNINA sewing / embroidery machines.  Well, I do.  I’ve sewn on BERNINAs for years and years!  About a year-and-a-half ago, I became a BERNINA Ambassador, which means I became an “official” BERNINA-lover!  So, I sew on BERNINAs and I tell everyone how much I LOVE BERNINAs, just like I’ve done for decades, but now I get to have an Read More

Day 4: Spectacular Antique Quilt Sunday

  There is no place that I can begin “Spectacular Antique Quilt Sunday” except with one of my Mamo’s quilts.  Mamo (Edna Bertha Steven Ashton) was my paternal grandmother.  Born in 1886 in rural Nebraska, Mamo learned all the “ordinary” and essential homemaking skills of the day, including quilt-making.  However, my Mamo was anything but ordinary. Fiercely independent (Hmmm.  An inheritable trait, perhaps???), she loved to push the limits of convention.  She attended and graduated from the University of Nebraska circa 1907.  In 1910, she and her sister, Leanna, boarded a ship for Europe.  Among other adventures, they attended the Passion Play held in Oberammergau, Read More

Day 3: Joy!

CREATIVITY:  the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. We are all creative.  I believe that with every fiber of my being.  All too often, in my opinion, our confidence in our creativity gets trained out of us somewhere along the way.  Some are fortunate to regain that confidence early; some regain it later.  For some,  (sadly…. heartbreakingly) that confidence in their creativity is never rediscovered.   Jeff (my DH) and I love B&Bs.  We B&B-hopped for our honeymoon nearly 28 years ago.  And, we’ve dreamed of having a B&B “someday”.  As my quilting Read More