All workshops presume that participants possess basic machine piecing and rotary cutting skills. Workshops that require at least intermediate piecing skills are delineated as such in the workshop description. Workshops are delineated in their descriptions as 3-hours or 6-hours in length. However, a 3-hour workshop can be easily expanded to 4-hours; a 6-hour workshop can be easily expanded to 7 or 8-hours.

drunkards-pathDrunkard’s Path

If you have a fear of curved-piecing, Kelly has the cure for your fears! Minimal pinning – really! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your blocks will be finished.
Skill level: confident beginner and beyond. 3-hour or 6-hour workshop.

Double Wedding Ring

click to see example of full quilt


Quilts don’t get much more traditional than this! This is NOT a quick-to-piece block, but it is “oh, so satisfying” to conquer! Kelly will guide you through each step of the process and will give you lots of tips to make the construction as simple as is humanly possible!
Skill level: intermediate and beyond. 6-hour workshop.