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Ah, time.  The thing we often believe we don’t have enough of (“I’m out of time!”  “Where has the time gone?”  “Time flies!”  “I don’t have time!”) or have too much of (“I have way too much time on my hands.”  “I’m just killing time.”  “All I have is time.”  “Time to spare.”), or don’t have the “right” bit of (“Not this time.”  “Another time.”  “I’d like to go back (forward) in time.”  “This is the wrong time.”)  Please, allow me to wax philosophical for a moment.

Yes, a New Year is about to dawn, and many of us, myself included, are thinking about time, specifically the passage of time.  Reflecting on what has been; hoping for what might be.  Certainly a bit of reflection is useful:  If we don’t review and, to some extent, evaluate where we’ve been, how can we recognize the desire to tweak our course?  And, our dreams, imagination, and hopes, help us determine the ways to tweak!  Yet, too much looking back and/or too much looking forward robs us of the only time we actually have:  NOWTHIS moment.

The measure of time and its passing are inherent parts of the human aspect of our experience.  The earth rotates, a day passes.  The earth revolves around the sun, another year.  Hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds.  Seasons.  Decades, centuries, millennia. Each of those made up of one NOW after another.  I am challenging myself to notice NOW.  Breathe NOW.  Feel NOW.  Enjoy NOW.  Acknowledge NOW.  To ”be” NOW.  NOW.

Here’s to NOW!  Cheers!

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