All workshops presume that participants possess basic machine piecing and rotary cutting skills. Workshops that require at least intermediate piecing skills are delineated as such in the workshop description. Workshops are delineated in their descriptions as 3-hours or 6-hours in length. However, a 3-hour workshop can be easily expanded to 4-hours; a 6-hour workshop can be easily expanded to 7 or 8-hours.

Free-Motion Mastery in a Month™

Kelly, an accomplished long-arm machine quilter, has had the privilege of machine quilting for Marianne Fons & Liz Porter (Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting), Lynne Hagmaier (Kansas Troubles Quilts), other quilt professionals, and a multitude of less-well-known, but equally important, quiltmakers from all over the country. After having taught machine quilting for decades, Kelly was recently introduced to the FMM30 technique, developed by her friend, RaNae Merrill, and Kelly wishes she’d had this system when she was learning free-motion years ago!   Kelly, a FMM30 certified instructor, will introduce you to the FMM30 system using your “home” sewing machine.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in a single day, let alone what you’ll accomplish once you follow the lessons in the book!  If you’ve ever thought that you can’t free-motion machine quilt, then this workshop is for you!
Skill level: all. 6-hour workshop.  Mandatory kit.


Fabric, Thread, and Zen!™

Everyone is an artist!!  Kelly is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), and she loves the Zentangle ® Method of drawing.  She also loves “drawing” with thread.  Using fabric, thread, and some embellishment, Kelly will direct you toward “stitching in the Zen Zone”.  Using a variety of stitching designs, create your own unique “quiltlet”.  Pre-requisite:  a basic knowledge of / experience with free-motion machine quilting.  You DO NOT need to be a “perfect” machine quilter (as though there is such a thing!) to enjoy this technique!  However, you must be willing to explore and “let go” a little!  Skill-level:  see pre-requisite above.  6-hour workshop.  Mandatory kit.

Zentangle With Thread watermarked