After what feels like a really long time (in actuality, it’s been only a few months) I can talk a little more about something that I’m very excited about:  I filmed (taped? recorded? – what is the right term these days??) a class for Craftsy,6831_STILLS_038_retouched and my class will launch very soon!!!  My class, Piece Any Project:  Conquer Challenging Seams, was SO much fun to do!!!  Everyone I worked with at Craftsy was – and is – absolutely amazing!!!  True professionals who are also a LOT of fun to be around!!  This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my professional life, and I’m thrilled to be a Craftsy Instructor!

You could win my class for FREE!  By going to the link below, you’ll be registered for ainstructorbadge chance to win!