Today, I’m doing something I’ve never done before:  participating in a blog hop!  Organized by Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works (thanks, Jackie!!), ten Craftsy Instructors are sharing info about their respective classes over the course of seven days.  Today is day 6, but do not despair!  I’ll give you links to all the other Instructors later in this post so that you can check them all out and catch up on the scoop!!  And, you’ll get a special link for purchasing any of these great classes at a really great price, giving you the opportunity to win a free class!

First, I’d like to tell you a little about my class.  I love to piece quilts!  Now, I like the occasional quick project as much as the next quilt-maker.  You know, the kind of project where I can see the light glowing brightly at the end of the tunnel before I ever begin.  However, my favorite projects to piece are the ones that are a little more complex.  Not complicated, mind you.  Complex.  The projects that require a little focus, a little attention to detail.  I find these projects wildly satisfying to create.  I’m talking about projects that include seams that some consider “challenging” such as partial seams, set-in seams, and mitered corners.  I love using these seams in my projects, and I love teaching others how to use these seams!

My class is called Piece Any Project:  Conquering Challenging Seams, and in my class, I teach you to do just that!  I cover sewing partial seams……6831_hero_1200x1200




and, my personal favorite, set-in seams (“Y-seams”) – all on the sewing machine.  People in my workshops tell me often, “If I’d known how easy these seams are to sew, I’d have done them years ago!”  And, by learning to sew these seams, you not only add valuable skills to your quilt-making toolbox, but you add LOADS of new blocks and quilt possibilities for your quilt-making pleasure!6831_STILLS_042_retouched6831_tech_1200x1200



Plus, I give you loads of tips on fabric prep, cutting, templates, and more!  Using these tips, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to sew these seams successfully!!!  Give it a try!!




Here are the links to the other Craftsy Instructors blogs, including the date that they specifically blogged about their Craftsy class.

Monday, December 7

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Kate Colleran – Seams Like a Dream
Tuesday, December 8
Wendy Gardiner – I sew 
Wednesday, December 9
Maureen Cracknell – Maureen Cracknell Handmade 
Thursday, December 10
Jan Newton – Newton Custom Interiors
Friday, December 11
Laura Nownes – See How We Sew
Saturday, December 12
Kelly Ashton – Kelly Quilter
Sunday, December 13
Lindsey Stephens – Poetry In Yarn
And, here’s the special:  Click here to purchase any of the classes from the instructors on the blog hop and you will be automatically entered to win any other class of your choosing for FREE at the conclusion of the blog hop.  Winners will be chosen on 12/14/15!  Craftsy classes are a wonderful way to learn something new in the comfort of your own home and on your timetable!  Plus, they make great gifts!!
Enjoy the hop, and good luck!!