I am beyond thrilled that I’ll be teaching three patchwork classes at International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall!  The class offerings catalogue and online registration for Quilt Festival will be available mid-July.   Let me give you a sneak peek of what I’ll be teaching!!

My first class, Painted Mountains, is on Thursday, 11/3, all day.  I truly love thisPainted Mountains 1 quilt! I had a wonderful time working with the proportionately-sized equilateral triangles, choosing the colors and color placement, and figuring out the math for the sashing pieces!  (Yes, I’m a geek!!)  The good news is that I’ve done all the math for you, so what’s left for you is to enjoy the process of making this quilt!  If you register to take my Painted Mountains class at Quilt Festival, the supply list is here.


My Saturday morning (11/5) class is Y-Seams? Why not!:  Tumbling Block Quilt.  If the “Y-seams” part scares you, please keep reading!!  Y-seams have gotten a very bad rap!!  I will teach you how to achieve excellent set-in seams by machine!!  I can’t tell you how many persons who participate in my Y-seams classes tell me, “If I’d known Y-seams were this easy, I’d have done them yearscompleted tumbling block ago!”  Once you add this one technique to your quilt-making tool bag, the process translates to anytime a set-in (Y-seam)  is required.  BAM!  A whole new world of block and quilt possibilities opens up for your quilt-making pleasure!!  And, Tumbling Block is an excellent place to begin your Y-seam adventure!!

Another reason, in addition to Y-seams, that I love making Tumbling Block quilts is how using color and value creates such wonderful depth and dimension in the quilt!  If you register to take my Y-Seams?  Why not!:  Tumbling Block Quilt class at Quilt Festival, the supply list is here.


My final class  (Sunday morning, 11/6) at International Quilt Festival is my Patriot Table Topper class.  Patriot Table Topper 1Patriot is another project that uses set-in (Y-seams) in its construction as we learn to make two traditional blocks:  Six-Pointed Star and Dolly Madison Star.  I loved making this topper in red, white, and blue 30’s reproduction fabrics, and this project would look great in any of a number of color combinations and fabric styles:  Batiks, Brights, Civil War Era reproductions, solids, or whatever tickles your fancy!  If you register to take my Patriot Table Topper class at Quilt Festival, the supply list is here.

If you plan to take one of my classes at Quilt Festival, I look forward to seeing you in November!  If you’re at Quilt Festival and you’re not in one of my classes, when you see me bopping around the convention center, please stop me and say “Hi”!  There’s nothing better than meeting quilters, and there’s certainly no better place to do it than Quilt Festival in Houston!


9 responses to “Houston Quilt Festival 2016”

  1. HI, Kelly,

    The houston quilt festival enrollment has the mountains class pricing as:
    Class: $ 85
    Mat Fee: 20
    Equip Fee 8
    Total $ 113

    The supply list on your website indicates a $20 kit fee upon arrival at class. Is this kit fee in addition to the Mat Fee?

    Also, I’ve taken piecing classes before but always stayed within the “B” group. what is the deciding factor on whether i could keep up with this “B/I” class?


    • Greetings!!
      though I replied via email, I thought it might also be helpful to reply here in case anyone else has the same question! Not sure why this reply is happening in all caps, but it is. I am not yelling!! 🙂

      The material fee and the kit fee is one in the same.

      As for “B” vs “B/I”: we will be working with a lot of bias edges and some patchwork pieces that are angles beyond 90-degree and 45-degree. So, a little more care in piecing so as not to distort the patchwork and have the pieces come together is needed. nothing “hard” about the class, and I’ll be there to guide you!!

  2. kelly, your supply list calls for 1/4 yard cuts of 11 fabrics for the mountains class. Will Fat quarters work or does it have to be 1/4 yard cut wof?

  3. I guess I am still confused-so sorry! For the tumbling blocks class it costs $74 =. $45 class price +$25 Mat fee+ $4 equipment fee. Your supply list says materials fee mandatory payable in class? So are we charged $49 during enrollment and then pay $25 at class or are we charged for everythinG with no Additional dolllars collected for class? My apologies for being confused .. And can you post photos of contemporary versus traditional kits? Just curious!

    • HI, Stephanie!
      I thought I’d be collecting the materials fee in class, however in reading the catalog, it appears to me that the materials fee is being collected when one registers / pays for the class. I will find out for sure and let you know!

      Sorry, I don’t have photos of the kits – no two kits will be exactly the same. The kits contain pre-cut patchwork for 15 tumbling blocks plus some fabric strips to cut in class using an acrylic template (also in the kit.) All the kits will be “scrappy”. The traditional kit will contain civil war and shirting reproductions; the contemporary kit will contain some batiks and some complimentary prints.

      Thanks for your question! I’ll get back to you with an answer!

      • Hi, Stephanie!
        For each of my classes at Festival (#404, 723, and 801), the published class price includes the “materials” kit – there is no additional fee payable in class. I will correct my downloadable supply lists ASAP! 🙂

        • Revised supply lists for all three classes (reflecting the fact that the materials kit is not an additional fee when you arrive for class!) have replaced the original supply lists linked to this blog post. 🙂

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