If you belong to a local quilt guild, you know how wonderful being in a group of kindred artists can be.  Quilt guilds are such a fabulous way to expand one’s knowledge of the art of quilting.  And, the inspiration and local friendships, not to mention the offspring of smaller stitching groups, that blossom from such a membership are invaluable!

But, have you ever considered joining a state-wide quilt guild?

I have fairly recently joined the Kansas Quilters Organization (KQO), the state quilt guild of Kansas.  Additionally, I have the privilege of being a member of their Board of Directors, and I have had the recent honor of teaching at the Spring Meeting of KQO.  Though my participation in this wonderful group is relatively new,  I have quickly come to realize the benefits of belonging to a state-wide group.

First, it is simply delightful to meet  quilters from all across the state!  From the largest urban areas to the most remote rural areas; from the north, south, east, west, center, and in-between, members  come together to share their passion for quiltmaking.  In addition to the “usual benefits” of belonging to a guild (inspiration, education, friendship, fellowship, etc.), it is interesting to see quilting trends from various areas of the state.

Something that I have enjoyed already and look forward to further enjoying in the future is the cross-state travel that membership in a state-wide quilt guild provides.  When meetings rotate to various locations within a state, the opportunity to see and learn about one’s state vastly increases.  I’m certain that I will see and experience cities and towns throughout Kansas that I likely would never had experienced without membership in KQO.  Because I am not a native Kansan, I’m sure I”ll learn a great deal about the history of this great state along the way.  I look forward to those experiences!  Additionally, I will be able to visit favorite quilt shops across the state recommended by my new-found quilting buddies, and one can never have too many opportunities to add to one’s fabric stash!!!  Road trip!!!

I’m loving learning what Kansas – the Land of Oz / Land of Aws / Sunflower State – has to offer!  Please consider membership in your state (province / region)’s quilt guild.  If you don’t have one available, perhaps you could pioneer the effort!  Good luck!

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