I’ve spent a portion of today doing what I do for a portion of nearly everyday:  piece together fabric shapes into blocks; blocks into quilt tops.  Love, love, love doing that!  Today has been one of those “flitting” days – moving from project to project.  A little time with this project, a little time with that project (because I never have just one project in the works at a given time!).  There is geometric chaos on my cutting table.  Today, within the confines of my studio, I have traversed both time and space.

I began the day working on a project that is “civil war era”.  Some fabrics from Jo, Judy, and others, being pieced together into a lovely little piece (if I do say so myself) which has allowed me to travel back to the 1860’s.  I thought about how quilts were made at that time and how grateful I am for all of the modern conveniences that I have – literally – at my fingertips.

Then,  I jumped ahead to a black, white, red, and grey project – fabrics with lots of circles, dots, squiggles, and stripes.  It has a “retro” feel – not nearly so retro as 1860’s, but perhaps 1960’s!  And, yes, I do remember some of the 1960’s.  I remember seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and JFK’s funeral procession.  Hippies.  Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In.  Flower Power.  And, it certainly doesn’t feel as though 50 years have passed!

My journey continued to a beach in Bali as I played with jewel-toned batik hexagons and diamonds which are making their way into a summer quilt.  Blues, greens, teals, lavenders.  Warm breezes, the smell of salt air, the sound of the tide rolling in and out……….I was right there in Bali, loving every moment!

And now, I’m back in Kansas, scrambling to decide what we’ll have for dinner!   (If I’m not too tired from my excursions to cook!)

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