NO FLAG---Brand Ambassador Badge (2)I have a confession to make:  I am polyamorous in my relationships with……………….. my sewing machines.  Yes, “s”.  One is simply not enough!  I LOVE my BERNINAs!!  I love each and every one for the unique individual that it is!

First, there’s my 1130.  “Old faithful”.  It’s been around the block many times.  It had a prior home before it came to my house.  It has stories to tell.  It came “seasoned”.  It doesn’t have as many tricks up its sleeve as some of my newer BERNINAs, but what it does, it does to perfection!  I turn to my 1130 when I need few frills, and I’m in my “let’s-get-straight-to-the-stitching” mode.

Then there’s my 450 Anniversary Edition BERNINA.  It came to me fresh out of the box, and it is reliable to the nth degree!  9mm stitches; knobs in all the right places;  always ready, willing, and able to do whatever I ask.

Next is my 780 BERNINA:  big, beautiful, roomy, strong………….and a really big bobbin!!  A quilter’s dream machine, to be sure!  It goes the extra mile:  lifts its foot for me, hovers at just the right time, stitch variety that is amazing!  Dual feed!!  An incredible touch screen.  Embroidery with a really big hoop!  Ooooh-la-la!!

Last – and certainly not least – is the newest member of my BERNINA clan:  my 560.  It has a wonderful sense of adventure!  It stays ever-ready to go with me – off to teach a class or workshop with barely a moment’s notice!  When I travel and am able to take a machine, this is the one that comes along.

I love SO many things about my BERNINAs!  They are reliable.  They are sensitive.  They are responsive.  They aim to please.   I love that I can adjust the stitch length and width in teeny, tiny increments to meet my every need and whim!  I love that I can go from piecing to machine quilting with my walking foot to free-motion machine quilting, and my BERNINAs don’t bat an eye.  They simply do what I ask.  Period.

Why would I settle for only one????  🙂